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  • August 20, 2015
  • Client: John Doe
  • Location: The Location

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  1. The comments section can be used to by your client to communicate with the photographer. Comment can used to by referring to the image IDs or from the selection. The image IDs won’t change unless the image is deleted.

    Selecting images will mark them so the client can check at a later time or date and make more selections or refer to those images here for a preferred action such as printing or make available for download.

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      Aenean id consequat tortor, quis dapibus augue. Integer nec molestie risus. Nunc nec viverra diam, vitae hendrerit dui. Pellentesque ultrices porttitor sagittis. Praesent eget bibendum risus, eu ultricies felis. Cras molestie nunc ut dui pretium luctus.

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